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Jen Tudor Wyman

Everybody has a story. The key to sharing a product or a service and their story is finding the emotion behind it and showing the many facets of the storyline. For over 20 years, I marketed stories, products and visions. I use print, digital, social media and relationship marketing. I use photography and words to capture the essence of the product and brand. I’ve been in hospitality since I was old enough to work, maybe not legally but at least make beds and bake cookies. Making people enjoy an experience has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to do that for over 30 years in the hospitality industry with over 15 years experience in marketing, pr and social media.

I grew up in Vermont in the middle of nowhere. Handmade and homemade were the best and quality meant everything. I remember ordering things from the back of magazines, filling out the forms and sending in a check. No downloads, no paying online, and certainly not the choices we have today. This digital age changed so much about selling and marketing. The ability to share photos & memories so easily, create new relationships by telling stories and encouraging people be a part of your own story, marketing allows us such diverse ways for us to do the work and still feel connected to those we are marketing.