Accomplice Marketing

Suite of


marketing strategy

It’s important and necessary to plan out your marketing strategy with the many methods of delivery out there. Email marketing, advertising, media, direct mail……we can strategize the best way to tell your story and grow your business.

project management

Sometimes a project has too many arms and legs to manage. I can organize and manage any size project from rebranding, ad campaigns, email marketing and working with other vendors to ensure the best possible results for you.

social media

How many hours are spent each day viewing social media? It’s amazing. And necessary. I can help you integrate your social media, manage campaigns or simply weigh in on your current efforts.


Perhaps a bit removed from marketing but my 15+ years experience in retail merchandising can assist you with rebranding, sourcing vendors or buying projects. Finding the perfect items for special events or customer gifts, I love to shop!

event planning

Events play a part of marketing. From a simple gathering to a unveiling, let me help you plan an event designed to be memorable. We can take your vision and make it happen.
Everyone loves a good party.

pR & media

Press and media is so important to supporting your story. It’s a way to show who you are through their eyes. It’s a way to show your authenticity in another way. Bloggers, influencers, print and digital, so many ways to get yourself noticed.